Custom Sculptures

The Fräbel Studio has created commissioned glass awards for many world famous and corporate recipients. Nothing says: "You are special" as a hand–crafted glass sculpture from the artists of Fräbel Studio. For this reason, many organizations, such as the Coca Cola Company, Porche, IBM, COX Enterprise, Cisco, Bounce TV and more! Turn to the Fräbel Studio to acquire or commission an exquisite glass art sculpture or etching.



The etching process consists of taking a logo, drawing, photo, or text and transferring it to a specialized film which is used to sandblast the design into a sheet of glass. These etchings are all mounted in black bases which are suitable for carrying a plaque. Very often an etching is combined with a sculpture for a very dynamic, three dimensional result. All etchings are commissioned works and there are no stock pieces or inventory.



Most Fräbel sculptures come standard on a handmade black wooden base. As an option, you may select from a variety of wood, marble or granite bases. Our sculptures can be further personalized for your occasion by adding an engraved plaque onto most of the wooden base of the sculpture or to engrave directly into the base.  The prices of commissioned sculptures start at approximately $1200 depending on the complexity and work involved.