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  • Mask

    This is a favorite subject of Mr. Frabel's. Throughout the years he has created various interpretati…

  • Cranes

    Both cranes are matched to show their respective grace. These cranes are a favorite gift to the love…

  • Dolphin

     A beautiful sculpture of the dolphin that captures the beauty and grace of this master of the …

  • Blue Heron

    The crystal glass Blue Heron is presented in a serene setting of pond grasses. 13" x 16" x 4"

  • Starfish

    This starfish is a handsome reminder of the coasts of North America and a delight to lovers of the s…

  • Butterfly

    One of nature's most delicate of creatures, captured forever in glass, the butterfly is truly a sign…

  • Hummingbird

    The Fräbel Studio is renown for its sensitive treatment of the creatures of nature, and nowhere…

  • Gazelle

     Sleek, Elegant and Fast - this abstract sculptural rendering was designed in tribute to the sw…

  • Seagull

    With these crystal glass seagulls Fräbel Studio artists captures the sweep and beauty of the bi…

  • Tear Drop Vase

     The tear drop vase is opaque glass with a strikingly brilliant blue along the edge. It is one …

  • Fluted Vase

    The fluted vase is such an exquisite sculpture that can be cherished throughout the year. You can en…

12 of 30 Items